Anyone Can Give Advice

But how do you make certain it produces tangible results? We provide something beyond advice: the ability to say, feel, and do new things.


A typical client for us is someone who is hungry to expand his or her career, build a project from the ground up, master their craft, or amplify their management intelligence.

A No - Nonsense Approach

Over the last ten years, we’ve coached thousands of people professionally and personally. Our hard-hitting coaching style gets right to the point in a non-confrontational way.

Real World Results

Our clients produce results with surprising speed, and stretch themselves beyond where they usually stop and where they’ve been comfortable. We bring out the best in people.

Innovative Living

We all lose perspective when looking at ourselves; it’s much easier to see what other people should do. Our clients see what they can’t see, and do what they don’t want to do, so they can have the career and lifestyle they want.

Personal Touch

We all lose perspective when looking at ourselves; it’s much easier to see what other people should do. Our clients see what they can’t see, and do what they don’t want to do, so they can have the career and lifestyle they want.

What Happens at Eleven...

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. We understand the importance of discretion, and we maintain confidentiality regarding our clients.

Here's what our clients say:

"Eleven has provided incredible coaching and has really made a difference in my life. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for coaching for career, relationships, health or all of the above to work with Eleven Coaching. "

- Amanda K
"I have been working with Eleven Coaching for a few months now. We have made progress on the things I was struggling with and they have helped me with other ideas as well. I am satisfied to date with the services provided. It took me a long time to make the commitment to getting a life coach, I do not regret the decision other than I should not have waited so long. Time management and allowing myself to get overwhelmed have been the two biggest topics."

- Kathy S
"I had been toying with the idea of getting executive coaching for sometime. I am grateful that life demanded that I do it. I am a current client receiving various levels of professional, career and life coaching. Eleven Coaching has changed my trajectory and helped me navigate a tough work and life environment. I'm happy I made this investment in myself."

- Mialeeka W
"Mic with Eleven Coaching is great. Great coach, motivator, challenger. Unlike many life coaches out there that ask you opened ended questions, Mic offers real life experience, business-specific coaching instruction and a good swift kick in the pants when necessary. 5 stars!"

- John R
"Eleven Coaching was the first life coaching service to respond to my inquiry searching for coaching services. I had a free initial call with the business owner and founder, as well as the person he felt would be a perfect match for me to be my coach. If anyone is looking for a fantastic coaching company, friendly service, people with a sense of humor, and those who dedicate themselves to making sure you reach your goals, make sure to talk to and hire Eleven Coaching!"

- Becky F
"Are you ready to truly become the best version of yourself? Eleven Coaching will get you moving on your individual journey, pronto! They are thoughtful, understanding, articulate, considerate, and Mic is a very knowledgeable coach. Grow Further & Faster: Eleven helped get my life moving in the right direction in no time. Mic and Eleven's approach helped me understand what is truly important to me through thought provoking questions to elicit self-awareness. Personal awareness proceeds change. He will get you taking steps towards self-actualization and goal achievement immediately. Even my faith, that was different of his own, was strengthened as he encouraged me to pursue it deeper. Try the free no pressure coaching call! It's easy and you will be at ease chatting with him. Thank you, Mic and Eleven Coaching!"

- Jacob P

What Is Coaching?

The folks at Wellcoaches have put together a short video that illustrates how the coaching process works.

Let's Explore What You Want To Achieve 

Eleven Coaching has coaches across the United States, and we offer everyone a free pre-consultation call. We provide pragmatic, actionable results for our clients. Anything can be measured, and we measure everything from cash flow to satisfaction to quality time. If you desire real momentum in your professional or personal life, you'll like how we do things.

 Over the last decade, we've done lots of work with our clients, including launching new ventures, getting dream jobs, tripling incomes, finishing projects that sat in limbo for years, reinvigorating personal relationships. cultivating peace of mind, and discovering the most elusive of all things in this world: fulfillment.


Eleven Coaching